Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Dear friends,

Although traces of the 2015 earthquake have almost disappeared in Kathmandu itself, in the remote regions of Nepal they are still visible. The 'Marxist-Leninist and Maoist' government in power since just over a year ago, is little interested in these remote regions. In both government and economic sectors corruption is more present that ever, leaving the inhabitants of these remote regions to their fields and their poverty.

The Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital in Kathmandu, built at the beginning of the year 2000 with your help, and where I trained 6 surgeons, became financially independent in 2009, despite the fact that 40% of patients receive financial help from the hospital for their treatment.  Today the hospital has 120 beds and has performed over 4000 surgical interventions this year. It also played an important role in treating those wounded in the earthquake.

In 2018, our Mobile Hospital first completed the construction of the Maternity Centre in Paphlu, made unusable by the earthquake. The inauguration took place on 14 April in the presence of senior personalities of the Solukhumbu  district. The inauguration was followed by a surgical camp inside the hospital. Since then, it has been full steam ahead. The medical and nursing staff are working in optimal conditions after having been through three years of extremely difficult conditions. Nonetheless we are still actively pursuing the supply of further medical and surgical equipment.

This autumn the Mobile Hospital resumed its activities in the remote regions: three camps were carried out in the districts of Bahjang and Dadeldhura in the West and in the Bohjpur district in the East. Over 170 patients have been treated, including 147 surgically.

This year also, our asbl Nepal Mountain Mobile Hospital, created in December 2015, obtained from the Ministry of Finance, tax deduction certification from 2018 onwards, for annual gifts of more than 40 euros.

May I once again appeal to your generosity to allow our Mobile Hospital to continue its activities in 2019. Do not hesitate to visit our website to find reports, photos and documents about us.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Dr. Pierre Soete

Orthopedic surgeon and trauma

Learn more about the inauguration

Fall season 2018

In November, we went again to Bahjang district in the West of Nepal.

Inauguration of the Phaplu Maternity Centre

The inauguration of the Phaplu Maternity Centre took place on 14 April 2018. The last two months before the inauguration have been very hectic, all the trades being under heavy pressure to finish their work on time. Personally, I supported them by working alongside them every day until dawn!

Brabant Wallon