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It has been intense all summer, bringing with it floods and landslips.

Today in Nepal the monsoon is slowly coming to its end. It has been intense all summer, bringing with it floods and landslips.  As with every monsoon, it has caused many deaths, as much in the Terai (Southern Plain) where huge rivers coming from the mountains break their banks as in the mountains following landslips and avalanches.

Since 25 April, the date of the first earthquake (7.4 on the Richter scale) the earth has not stopped shaking.  Right up to the middle of August, earth tremors of at least Richter 4 were recorded daily. These seem to have become less frequent since the beginning of September (two or three a week).

Life in the regions affected by the earthquake has been correspondingly more difficult: temporary shelters while awaiting the reconstruction of houses or schools, district hospitals in tents…

The Nepal Mountain Hospital has nonetheless remained active preparing for the autumn season. It will organise at least two camps in the remote regions.  It has also decided to undertake financing the reconstruction of the Phaplu Maternity Centre. The building was rendered uninhabitable by the earthquake of 12 May (7.2 on the Richter scale). Plans have been drawn up for its reconstruction in earthquake resistant materials. It will be of a more modern conception with a vision of the future.  Demolition of the old buildings will begin in the next few weeks. The total budget for the project has not yet finally been put together, so all financial contributions are welcome. The Nepalese government with the help of international organisations has estimated the total cost of post-earthquake reconstruction at 6.5 billion euros.