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For the first camp of this autumn season we decided to return to the district of Mugu, which is one of the poorest in Nepal.

The political problems which once more are shaking the country (see our news of 20 november) made the organisation of this camp much more difficult.

Petrol and gas are in practice obtainable only on the black market at three or four times the normal price. Similarly, medicines are becoming more difficult to obtain by the day. Certain essential medicines are beginning to disappear and to date no solution to this major crisis seems to be in sight. Certain hospitals in Nepal have had to close their operating theatres due to the absence of medicines or material.

Still, airplanes (internal flights) continue to operate but at a much reduced rhythm. It was therefore by air that we managed to get to Ghamgadi. It was there that we held our first camp six years ago already!

More than 40 patients were operated on. 94% of these were children suffering from followup problems from fractures which had given rise to important deformations of the limbs. This time, practically al the operations were major ones.

In parallel to the orthopaedic one, a dentistry camp was also held. 232 patients were given dental examinations and treatment where necessary.

Back in Kathmandu , we are now preparing to leave for our final camp in 2015, in Khotang district.