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We also witnessed the pouring of the concrete slab on the first floor.

This autumn season, on our return from camps in the Far West of Nepal (Bahjang and Dadeldhura districts)we went up to Paphlu to sort out some problems with the construction of the Maternity Center.

We were also able to be present at the pouring of the concrete slab on the first floor. The concrete structure is now finalised and the external and internal walls will be built in the coming weeks. We decided to insulate the ground floor walls where the operation and labour rooms are. Polyurethane panels will be  incorporated in the floor, the ceiling and the walls of these rooms which will be heated. Do not forget that Phaplu is at 2,450m altitude.

We also met with the plumber and electrician and finalised with them the plans for the plumbing and electricity.

Virtually all the materials for the construction and finishing work are already on the site. Over 40 trips by lorry between the Terai in the South and Phaplu were required. These trips increase the cost of materials by around 40 to 50%. But to build such a large building in this way is practically the only means to make it earthquake-resistant. It will also be the biggest building in the region with a concrete structure.