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The spring season is already coming to an end. It started a bit earlier this year.

As always at the start of a season the annoying administrative concerning work permits and government autorisation to carry out medical camps kept us busy for over a week !

Obtaining a work permit in Nepal is a real nightmare : being passed from one ministry to another( ministry of health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Immigration Bureau, Medical council), waiting , sometimes for hours, for the person you have to meet… in Nepal you need a great deal of patience. But to organise surgical camps without autorisation could have serious consequences…

In the first instance we held a camp in the Dolakha district, badly hit by by the 2015 earthquake. This district is to the East of kathmandu. As always, lots of patients, mostly children, were seen and underwent surgical treatment.

After a few days’ rest in Kathmandu we set off for the West, where after 3 days driving to cover 1,100 kms, we held a surgical camp in Mangalsen in the district of Achham.

These two camps allowed us to to examine more than 500 patients, of whom 121 were operated on. Taking account of everything, including the salaries of medical and non-medical personnel, the patients who were operated on during this season alone cost 110 euros per head. We reamain convinced of the usefulness of The Mobile Hospital for the remoter areas of Nepal and will pursue our efforts to convince the government, in particular the Ministry of Health, to promote this type of initiative and to cover the costs (partially or totally) so that all the remoter districts of Nepal are medically covered.