Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

Challenges & Projects


Through our reports to the Nepali Ministry of Health we try to convince them of the appropriateness of this type of project for the remote regions in order to obtain grants for the organization of camps, but also possibly to multiply the number of Mobile Units to enable us to cover all the remote regions by going to each of them at least once a year.

A surgical intervention in the mountains costs 150-200 € whereas today in Kathmandu the patient will pay more than 250 € for the same type of intervention. The cost of a surgical intervention in the mountains includes all the expenses: travel, salaries of Nepali personnel (higher than in Kathmandu), medicines, accommodation,… It is thus considerably less than if these patients had to come to Kathmandu for treatment, let alone the costs linked to travel, subsistence in the Kathmandu valley, and the opportunity cost to those who accompany them. It should be noted that the inhabitants of these remote regions live below the poverty line (less than 1 €).


We are planning to open in Kathmandu a small firm to provide one-use packaging and sterilization material (Bandage sets, operating kits, delivery sets) which would be used directly by our Mobile Hospital. Today, the only sterile kits that we can find on the market come from abroad and thus are expensive.

These kits could also be sold to private hospitals in Nepal, and to the Ministry of Health for state-owned health centers and hospitals. That would generate profits that could be used directly for the organization of camps.