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Today, like every day since 25 April, the earth has shaken again in Nepal, but this time 7.4 on the Richter scale.

We were finishing our camp in Bhadchchek in the South of Manaslu when this latest earthquake happened. There was a moment of panic among the last patients waiting for a consultation. The camp, which had been set up outside Bhadchchek, was not at risk. We decided to finish the camp at 13h when this new earthquake took place. Through the media (smartphone) we rapidly learnt that it was more than 7 on the Richter scale and that Solukhumbu had been badly affected.  Immediately we made contact with Phaplu, where the district hospital of one of  the doctors we are working with is located. Several wounded people have already checked in there. We decided immediately to go there as soon as possible. We called in helicopters. We have to do the journey in two stages as night is falling in Nepal.  We are thus spending the night outdoors in Kathmandu, in case there was a new tremor.  We will therefore be leaving at dawn on Wednesday. This evening, we learnt that already more than 31 people had died in Solukhumbu and that many others had been wounded.

To come back to the Bhadchchek camp.  During the camp  more than 1350 people were examined in consultations, 22 surgical interventions were carried out without counting the numerous dressings of wounds incurred during the first earthquake.  More than 130 patients were x-rayed, more than 325 patients given ultrasounds and 147 patients dental treatment.  The population of this poor region is disorientated not knowing what to do. Some of them have the courage to clear their ruins and begin to build again, others just wait, not knowing what to do, others are awaiting aid from the the government…