Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

Structure & team

In the health context of the remote regions of Nepal, the creation of a Mobile Hospital bringing education in hygiene, general and specialized care is highly appropriate. General and specialized doctors offer different medical and surgical treatments, Care id completely free for this very poor population.

A 5 day camp often allows consultations of more than 1000 patients, and between 50 and 70 surgical operations to be performed. Follow up is ensured by a member of the medical staff staying behind for as long as necessary.

The mobile unit today makes a dozen trips every year. All the health care and technical workers participating in these camps have personal experience of such camps ensuring maximum efficiency.  We also take advantage of the opportunity to bring with us training material for the local medical staff (doctors, nurses, health workers). Today, we focus our action on the most remote regions of Nepal, where access to health care does not exist.

Obviously this necessitates an excellent organization, both for the team and the logistics. Several means of transport are necessary to get to these remote regions: road vehicles, small aircraft or helicopters, and often ends up with a day’s walk where the material is carried by yaks or mules.

The weight of all the material required for a camp is around 750kg:

  • Anesthetic machine, monitoring and minor anesthetic materials
  • Suction machine
  • Operating table
  • Operation light
  • Electrocautery machine
  • Surgical tools and implants
  • Operating towels and gowns
  • X-Ray machine
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Laboratory machine
  • Sterilization machine
  • Generator
  • Medicines, plaster, syringes, perfusions for OPD patients and operated patients as well

A typical team travelling to a surgical camp in a remote region is composed of some 10 people:

  • 1 Anaesthetist
  • 1 Surgeon (Gynae, Ophtalmo, Ortopaedics,…)
  • 1 General Practitioner
  • 2 Nurses
  • 1 X-Ray technician
  • 1 Biologist
  • 1 Logistician
  • 2 Technicians

The Mobile Hospital work in collaboration with the Nepalese NGO HHE (Himalayan Health & Education) whose governing Council is composed of senior doctors, lawyers, Bankers, accountants, air transport and logistics professionals.

The Mobile Hospital is recognized by the Nepali Ministry of Health to which we report regularly.