Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

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It is true that the foundations having taken a bit of time, but the slope of the land did not help, as a solid sub-soil had to be found.

The foundations rest on a cushion of flat stones and sand, which serve as shock-absorbers for any vibrations in the event of an earthquake. All the columns are supported by wooden ‘belts’, both below and at ground level.

Little by little therefore the building will become visible… A short trip to Nepal at the end of June will allow a few minor problems to be resolved for future construction work.

The Nepalese government has, a year after the earthquake, released the first funds for the reconstruction of those family homes that have been recognised as officially eligible, but  only for 2004 families out of  473 012, or 0.42%. Even these families have received only 50 000 rupees of the 200 000 promised.