Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

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All the news about the building reconstruction.

The hospital was demolished in December 2015 so work was able to begin as soon as the winter freeze was over, at the end of February. Removing the rubble and laŷing the foundations is a veritable ant’s work. Everything is cleared and dug by hand and the removal of earth and stones is on men’s backs. No mechanical shovels can get to the site. So it therefore took a certain time to evacuate 200m3!

The first materials (iron building rods, cement,bricks) came by lorry to Phaplu. They are laid by the roadside and have to be carried on men’s backs to the site some 25m from the road. THis material is brought in from the Terai a good day’s journey away .In total fifty loads will be needed and must be brought in before the beginning of the monsoon around mid-june. Workers from the Terai( South of Nepal) who are used to building with reinforced concrete (unlike workers from Solukhumbu for whom this is a novelty) are on the site. At present more than 20 workers are on the site. This number should grow in the weeks to come.

A young engineer with 7 years of experience in construction in Kathmandu supervises the site. The first concrete columns of the foundation should emerge from the ground in the next weeks.

The totality of the construction budget is not yet assembled and any help is always welcome. We hope to be able to post regularly on the website photos of how the work is going.