Nepal Mountain Mobile hospital

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The spring season of the mobile hospital took place in the district of Gorkha in the West of Nepal.

Gorkha is the district which was the most badly hit by the earthquake on 25 April 2015. We decided to set up a camp in this district to see again the numerous victims of the earthquake who had been operated on either by us or in a Kathmandu hospital.

As always, our days were very full. Even if the total number of patients operated on was a bit less than usual, they were mostly major operations on adults.

Several patients with traumatic problems following the earthquake required surgical treatment. We were able to help every patient who requested a consultation and who needed a particular treatment.

Afterwards we went to the district of Mohattari in the Terai, more specifically to the village of Gorahanna to conduct a two day camp: medical, dental and orthopaedic screening of the population. This village, on the Indian frontier, is extremely poor. More than a thousand patients received consultations: 495 patients a medical consultation, 238 patients an orthopedic consultation, 187 patients a dental consultation (of which 69 were treated) and 149 ultrasounds on pregnant women or patients with abdominal problems. Patients who needed it were directed to hospitals in neighbouring towns.